Saraf Academy, A Valuable Contributor

Mohammed Sajid Khan,
Head of International Development, ACCA

The debate about skills and upskilling is predominant in the Indian professional education landscape today. The education which is provided in schools does not necessarily equip students to be employable in the industry, and owing to this, a majority of students and professionals are required to up skill later on in their lives. Discussing specifically about careers in accounting and finance in India, we at ACCA have noticed that many of the students, who are pursuing BBA or B.Com are also seeking global careers, and are now increasingly opting for global education programmes and qualifications to expand their capabilities and be future relevant. We are already seeing this trend in India, and going forward, many more Indian students will be finding employment in international companies and global accounting firms.

Saraf Academy has been involved in training various national and international professional programmes for over 15 years now, which also includes the latest addition of the full ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification in their offerings. Over 20,000 Indian students have been facilitated by such educational programmes. We value the contribution made by Saraf Academy in the field of global education and wishes it a successful future over the coming years..


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