CIMA, The Winning Move!

We all have played ‘Snakes and Ladders’ as kids, where the aim was to climb up the ladder, save ourselves from the snake, but only on luck. In the corporate world, even though the game is much brutal and difficult to win, it is still in your control. Armed with the right education, planning and dedication you can roll the dice every time in your favour. It is not just about getting ‘six’, the big jump; but doing best in every stage, building a network as your climb up and broadening your skills through continuous education and industry relevant skill set.

One such move which can prepare you to win the ‘snakes and ladder’ is securing a qualification through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Formed by the Royal Charter in UK; CIMA is the only international accountancy body with a very strong focus on business; it’s a qualification which goes beyond the realm of audit, taxation and accounting.

Here are some reasons as to why CIMA qualification can help you reach your destination –

Global Network 

Established in 1919, with over 229,000 members and students spread across 179 countries, CIMA is now the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants. After you qualify as a member of CIMA, you can register as a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Once you become a part of the network, you can interact with like minded peers, offline through industry events and online through the various social media groups of CIMA and CGMA.  CIMA’s LinkedIn group is one of the most active and big groups which professionals use for discussions. It’s the hub to get industry updates, career advice, find the right mentor and referrals.

Personal growth 

Post CIMA qualifications, you gain financial prowess and also learn the intricacies of management. The curriculum is focussed on managing risks, forecasting the future and influencing strategies.  CIMA grooms you to rise to every type of challenge, handle the problems of today and tomorrow and thus shaping you as leader, an influencer and not just a number cruncher.  The ever developing competencies and personal and inter-personal skills will widen your understanding, change the way you think and make you as well as your CV shine.


One of the most important reasons for doing a professional course is the desire to earn well and the CIMA qualification is that booster. Though salaries depend on various factors like location, previous work experience, job title etc the global average salary of CIMA members is £64011, an increase from the previous years.

In India the average is Rs 25-30 lakhs per annum which is much more than what the non-CIMA professionals earn. The 2017 global salary survey by CIMA shows that almost 58% members are satisfied with their salaries and 88% percent students are expecting a salary rise.

Ease of study

Whether you are a fresher or a working professional in mid 30’s, whether you live in a metropolitan or a small town, it is possible to move up the ladder through CIMA. Students who are new to accounting can start at the foundation/ certificate level and people with relevant degree can move directly to a CIMA Professional qualification.

Because of distant learning system, a flexible structure of 12 exams spread across 3 levels, every student can study as per their own pace. CIMA student also gain access to CIMAconnect, the online study platform and community.

Career Options

A quick search on the CIMA ‘my jobs’ portal, will show you the range of opportunities available. Based on your interest, you can pick information management, finance, commercial, executive or operational roles in any sector of your choice. It is the course for people who want to become business analysts, financial manager, financial controller and the likes and eventually climb up to the top at a C level or a directorial position.

It also acts as professional passport for landing jobs outside India. Not only companies from the west but also Indian companies who have overseas operations require individuals with understanding of global financial and management systems and CIMA professionals are the right match for profiles like these.

As Warren Buffet has said, ‘the best investment you can make is in yourself’ and CIMA can be one of that. With Saraf Academy on your side with its team of exceptional mentors, specially designed apps and knowledge portals, virtual sessions, the returns will definitely come.


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